Pasir Panjang Drive

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Living + Dining Area: For this particular project, we suggested a dark grey colour day curtain for the living and dining area to the owner to contrast with the light colour marble floor. For privacy purposes, we had also propose owner to add on a dimmer (approximately 80% sunlight blockage) for one of the full-length window facing the main gate. Curtains often give your interior a softer look, yet for this project, blinds are a better option for narrower window. PVC blinds are one of the popular choice for interior as it brings out natural warm and neat concept. 

Rooms: Black out curtains are highly recommended for bedrooms, click here to find out more about the incredible functionality of our Black Out King- Luna Collection. We decided to use brown colour for both master bedroom and gym room. This is to match the colour of the flooring and also brown colour signify quality in almost everything - be it comfortable home, best food, etc. Master bedroom was installed with two curtains layers (both day and night) for better privacy and light control. 

Study Room: Light cream colour was selected for study room in order to highlight cozy yet brighter working ambiance.