Outdoor Roller Blinds

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Some of the houses, or even offices, today in Singapore are build with open balconies and yards. This is where the outdoor roller blinds step into the picture to serve you in a functional way. They are introduced mostly to withstand tropical weather like wind, rain, and strong sunlight. It may seems similar to an indoor roller blinds, yet obscure so much more in terms of materials and systems. Perforated fabrics are highly recommended for balconies because they are not only water resistance, it also allows certain level of sunlight and wind to penetrate through. They also come with a heavy-duty system and stainless steel wires bolt to the ground or wall. 

Tip #1: Fabrics used for indoor roller blinds are cheaper than fabrics that specially build for outdoor usage. We strongly recommend you to take note of the fabrics being recommended and quoted to you. Some lower price range fabrics are not suitable for outdoor usage and that they frays very easily. 

Tip #2: Our outdoor blinds comes with hot stamping at the edge of each roller blinds set to prevent the fabrics from aging. 

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